Arizona beer cart girls have booze, will travel

By H.K. Kim, Contributor

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Ah, the game of golf - the challenge, the scenery, the traveling beverage cart. It's a fact of life that men love their sports and their beer, and if they can get it together it's like icing on the cake. Do the math. It's a simple equation: golf + alcohol + pretty girls = a good time, which brings us to the popularity of the "beer cart girls."

If you talk to any golfer of the male persuasion about their last game, along with a course review, you'll most likely get a report on the BCG that served them. These lovely purveyors roam the greens in traveling bars stocked with an array of refreshing beers and liquors. They also serve water, juice and soda, but who wants those? Many are young, good looking and friendly, making the man integral part of the overall golf experience. Depending on the players and the courses, the game can go from The Masters to Weekend at Bernie's faster than you can say, "Gimme a Bud."

At Grayhawk in Scottsdale, the temptation to booze away your game might be sobered by the rates during season. But for those who can handle their swill, the refreshments, like clockwork, make their rounds every three or four holes.

A drink may be a nice consolation after a humiliation at No. 6, The Ridge, a 456-yard, par 4doozy. And when it comes to drinking, the more the merrier. "Everyone always wants us to do shots with them," says Samantha Garrison, an attractive 22-year old staffer with model looks and a girl-next-door attitude. (Shots on the golf course? You gotta love the game.) A potential buzz-kill could be that the girls oblige with water. But I won't tell if you don't.

Of course, drinking on the green can result in behavior not suited for grown men. Remember the Ryder Cup a few years ago? On the prestigious lawns of the renowned Raptor and Talon courses players have been known to go head to tail with their buddies in a game of bumper carts. Jody Kring, a spunky blond Grayhawk attendant, has had players invite her to hit drives for them, with the tip depending on the outcome of the play. Garrison sums it up this way, "You give guys a cup of ice and a beer and they're happy." It couldn't be more succinct.

At The Legacy golf course in South Phoenix, more than one source has confirmed the resort's reputation for great golf and attractive attendants. The straightforward design and affordable rates have helped the club attract seasoned players looking to have fun, sometimes to the detriment of their game. One friend was so enamored with an attendant, he begged to have his picture taken with her and proceeded to completely lose his concentration on the stroke.

The popularity of the girls has extended to calendars and Web sites devoted to their allure. A quick search on the web popped up an invite for the first annual Beer Cart Girl of the Year competition. The beauty contest boasted four finalists from the Valley serving customers with a smile.

For the girls, the job's best feature seems to be the time spent outdoors among beautiful weather and scenery. The opportunity to socialize and meet new people is welcomed, with many establishing a first name basis with regulars. The downside may be they're moving targets for flying golf balls and pick-up lines, but that's all in a days' work.

H.K. Kim, Contributor

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