Hidden rule costs reader his resident rate at We-Ko-Pa in Scottsdale

Buyer Beware for We-Ko-Pa Golf Course in Scottsdale, Ariz.: The Arizona Resident Discount price in November is $75 (as opposed to $135 non-resident). However, it is only for tee times made within five days of the reservation.

We-Ko-Pa Golf Course
Reader Steve Fagan was denied his resident discount at We-Ko-Pa due to an unspoken rule.
We-Ko-Pa Golf Course
If you go

1. You cannot get a tee time if you wait until five days before.

2. If you call them, they will not voluntarily tell you that.

I was to fill in for an empty slot in a foursome. Before I accepted, I called and asked what the resident rate was that day and was told that it was "$75 today." No mention of the five-day rule. So, I accepted the invitation to play and got screwed for the $135 for green fees, $2.07 for a logo ball, $8.69 sales tax No. 1, $2.07 sales tax No. 2 for a total of $148.55.

So, if you are expecting to pay Arizona resident rates, forget it!!!

Steve Fagan

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  • Steve Fagan

    Bob S wrote on: Nov 29, 2005

    Concerning Mr Steve Fagan. He asked a question and the question was answered. I wonder if he asked the cost for the next day. These are not the same questions. The point is: many times the correct question is not asked. If the question was: What is the resident rate?, he got the right answer. If he asked: What will it cost a resident tomorrow, if I didn't make a reservation until today, then he has a beef.