Arizona golf courses need to support local golfers, reader says

Regarding your story comparing the golf scenes in Phoenix and Tucson (Hold on Tucson: Phoenix offers better values than The Old Pueblo), it seems to me that in the interest of capturing the tourist dollars for golf fees, the powers that be have forgotten and ignored the residents of both cities and the local golfers that support the city golf courses when the city courses are empty because all the snowbirds are gone back to cooler areas. Summer prices are reduced minimal at best.

We are the ones that keep the city courses going and we get no respect. As residents we should be able to get affordable golf prices.

Gilbert Salaz

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  • Come on!!!!

    Mike wrote on: Sep 13, 2005

    This guy can't be serious. There are so many incredible deals out there for locals it's not even funny. I know a manager at a club and he hasn't had a raise for 4 years because the industry is so competitive and they make less money each year. Get out, pay the green fees and golf....stop being such a whiner! Play some golf, buy a sandwich at the turn and enjoy a cold beer like you're supposed to.


  • Are you Serious?

    Golf Course Operator wrote on: Sep 6, 2005

    Local people get no respect and should be able to get affordable golf prices? Golf courses are struggling because residents are spoiled with CHEAP prices. What market can you play 4.5 star golf courses for $30-$40 a round with golf car and practice balls????


    • RE: Are you Serious?

      John from Colorado wrote on: Sep 26, 2005

      I just played The Raven for $59 on their online special and Grayhawk for $75...
      Normally my group plays the cheap courses but I couldn't pass up playing the best courses in town.
      If only the hotels would discount like the courses are now.
      I'll be back to Phoenix as long as the rates are low. Heck I might be back next February.